Why does my website point to yours

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Postby H2B2 » 6:09pm, Thu 21 Jun, 2007

Ace on Fire wrote:*FIXED*

It's always usefull to mention how you fixed a problem, as this may serve others with the same issue. In this case this might apply:
Error: please make sure that index.php is your default document for a directory. If you have just installed PHPlist and get this message, make sure that the DirectoryIndex setting of your Apache configuration has somewhere index.php index.html, and check that index.php is mentioned before index.html. For other webservers please consult your manual to find how to make index.php the default document for a directory. Alternatively you can delete the file "index.html" in the lists directory of PHPlist.

Source: http://docs.phplist.com/PhplistTroubleshooting
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Re: Why does my website point to yours

Postby FletcherT » 8:53pm, Tue 09 Aug, 2011

Ace on Fire, could you tell me how you fixed this issue?
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