[how to] automatically insert the month/year in message

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[how to] automatically insert the month/year in message

Postby seg » 7:07am, Sat 02 Jun, 2007

Hi, I am new to PHPList and so far I am very excited about the quality of emails that can be sent with this program!

I am trying to create a newsletter template and I would like to build the month and year into the template. Is there a placeholder or an automatic way to pull the current date into the template without having to edit the template every time an email needs to be sent? The other option would be to stick the date in [CONTENT] - but I thought I would at least ask.

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Postby H2B2 » 12:16pm, Sat 02 Jun, 2007

You could take a look at this mod as a starting point: http://forums.phplist.com/viewtopic.php?t=16005
I suppose you will need to modify it in some way to only get the month and year.
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Postby seg » 3:05pm, Tue 05 Jun, 2007

Thank you ... that is exactly what I need.
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Postby Guest » 2:06am, Tue 18 Nov, 2008

I tied this mod with no success. The fiel I changed was ttled sendemaillib, not senmaillib but I guss that could have cganged in a release.

However, with this mod in place, the Send A Test Message stopped working. AFter clicking that button, the screen as re-displayed down to the "MEssage Saved" line then nothng following it. Removing the mod got things back to normal.

Should this work for the end Test Message fucntion?


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