[how to] Restrict list access

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[how to] Restrict list access

Postby malibu » 8:03pm, Fri 30 Nov, 2007

First of all, thank you so much for phplist. I've been looking at a lot of newsletter senders and this is easily the most robust one! Perhaps overkill for my PDF newsletter to 200 people but the only one I've found with all the features I need. Except I can't figure out how to do one thing:

I send my newsletter to members belonging to a private organization with a membership fee. The group membership is also linked to a master database controlled by another group. As such, I need to be able to restrict subscriptions.. All subscribers must be put in by an administrator who will verify their identity and add them to the master database, then add them to the phplist database if they want to get their newsletter by email. How do I stop anyone from subscribing to my list through the subscribe url?

Ideally, I'd like to have them to only be able to subscribe from a restricted page on our Jooma site but I realise this would probably need a code hack. But if anyone knows a way I would love to hear it.

After they have subscribed, then they should be able to change their email or unsubscribe as normal. Thanks!
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Postby H2B2 » 10:00pm, Fri 30 Nov, 2007

You could try using a 'private/inactive' list, i.e. a list that is fully functional but that will not appear on the subscribe page:
Determines the status of the list: active/not active. If a list is inactive, no users will be able to subscribe to the list, as the list will not show up on the subscribe pages. It can however be used for internal purposes to organise your users, and you can send to it, as you can to any other list.
Ref: http://docs.phplist.com/ListListsInfo
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Postby johntrot » 6:02am, Wed 04 Feb, 2009


I just took for granted that an inactive list was one that you could not send messages to. It never occurred to me that it was simply hidden from users on the subscribe pages.
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