[solved] Import Error: 'Cannot find column with email'

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Re: [solved] Import Error: 'Cannot find column with email'

Postby H2B2 » 9:56pm, Thu 16 Sep, 2010

When importing, make sure your tab-delimited text file (preferred) or CSV file does not contain a Byte Order Mark (BOM). If your editor does not have such an option, try using one that has, e.g notepad++.

studiojb provides the following explanation:
studiojb wrote:Hello All,
if you encode a text file in unicode and in UTF8, some applications, like UltraEdit or Notepad, write some invisible characters in a pattern named Bit Order Mark (BOM). For information see this page - the same page in french.

When you import your unicode file in phplist, the script (importcsv.php) don't understand the first column header named "email" because this text is attached to the invisible BOM characters.

To bypass this you must delete this BOM, usually with a good text editor software with the replace text function. This BOM code appear and is visible in binary mode (hexadecimal) with this strange characters :

    in UTF8 display in ANSI mode : 
    in UTF16 Little Endian encoding : ÿþ
    in UTF16 Big Endian encoding : þÿ

This characters are absolutly not necessary in UTF encodings but some browsers or application doesn't understand this special codes.

Hope this can help the PhpList users

ref: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=20873

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Resolve import CSV

Postby lapo78 » 2:34pm, Tue 15 Mar, 2011

Hi everybody,
please help me to solve the problem on the import of csv file, this is the error:
Record has more values than header indicated (2!=9), this may cause trouble:

Many complaints this problem, but it is solved or not?
I've phplist, version 2.10.13

I've three columns:
email (TAB) name (TAB) surname
xxx@xxx.it (TAB) Pippo (TAB) Pelo

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Postby 4saleusa » 2:31am, Fri 18 Jan, 2013

actually it did not helped me. But I found the problem, where you have Field Delimiter: (default is TAB) you can not leave it empty thinking is a default, you have to add in my case ; and it solved the problem, DONE !

and as you see below I have been able add 5 attributes with no issue... Good Luck

maps to
id_customer id_customer
lastname lastname
firstname firstname
ip_address ip_address


collectedsounds wrote:I think I got it!!
Here's what I did:
Saved my spreadsheet file as a "tab delimited" text file.
Chose the first import option:
"import emails with different values for attributes."
Browsed to the file.
Did NOT check or type in anything else (used defaults, except I chose to 'make confirmed immediately')
and hit import.
It brought up a list of all the attributes that I was also importing, asking me what to do with each one (add it).

I got the big scary red table that another member mentioned but when I look at my list it has members in it. It left out a few (I had 1113 and it imported only 1106) but that's much better than it had been!

I hope this works for some of you because I see that many of us had this problem!
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