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Test server

Postby bzcoder » 7:57pm, Tue 20 May, 2008

I'm in the final process of setting up a test email server to send messages TO.

Basically my goal is to setup 4 email servers on a box for testing.

Server A: accepts incoming email, you will need to configure your PHPlist to send email through this server to deliver.

Test Domains:
Hard Bounce: this server will generate hard bounces back to you for every email address, randomly picking from a database of hard bounce messages so you can review your bounce processing.

Soft Bounce: this server will soft bounce/error out the email messages back to you, randomly picking from a database of soft bounce messages.

Success Server: this server will accept the email and store it all in a single account for you to review. It will also run some scheduled tasks so that over a 12 hour basis, a random percentage of emails will be "opened" and a random percentage of emails will be "clicked". This lets me review click and open tracking. Messages will be saved for 3-4 days and then purged.

This way I can test out an email campaign to make sure my software works by actively sending it to external addresses, without actually send sending the email.

In addition to the above, a log of message traffic(message id, subject, from address, to address, received date, what was done with the message)

Once it's up and running, if anyone would like to use it, I'll allow some low volume(under 100,000 email messages) testing on it for free, so if there is anything you think I'm missing feature wise, let me know. I think 100,000 is enough for most people except ***SPAM*** testers, and since this is my own private test server I don't want to crash it or spend the money on setting up a second server just for high volume sends.
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Postby J_S » 8:04pm, Tue 20 May, 2008

congrats 8)
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Postby Guest » 12:34am, Thu 21 Aug, 2008

well thats nice of you

Postby J_S » 12:26pm, Fri 22 Aug, 2008

and that's nice of you too
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