[solved] Attributes: [Date] starts from 2005

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[solved] Attributes: [Date] starts from 2005

Postby lho1108 » 3:00pm, Tue 10 Jun, 2008

Can this be changed to go back further than 2005? I am using this attribute for date of birth.
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Postby db8000 » 9:40pm, Thu 14 Aug, 2008

if you are still looking its in the config.php file.
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Postby H2B2 » 9:42pm, Fri 29 Aug, 2008

db8000 wrote:if you are still looking its in the config.php file.
That is correct, and to be more specific, these settings in config.php should change the year ranges:
Code: Select all
# year ranges. If you use dates, by default the drop down for year will be from
# three years before until 10 years after this the current value for year. If there
# is no current value the current year will be used.
# if you want to use a bigger range you can set the start and end year here
# be aware that the drop down may become very large.
# if set to 0 they will use the default behaviour. So I'm afraid you can't start with
# year 0. Also be aware not to set the end year to something relatively soon in the
# future, or it will stop working when you reach that year.
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