Textarea truncates at 255 characters [solved]

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Textarea truncates at 255 characters [solved]

Postby vflog » 9:10pm, Fri 25 Jul, 2008

In the PHPList FAQ, it describes the problem I am having, but the links to solutions are broken. Can anyone point me to the right links? I've searched the forum to no avail.

From the PHPList FAQ: (I can't post the link because the forum won't let me post links as a new user.)
Why do I lose all characters over 255 when I enter a long text in a textarea attribute?
The data entered into the textarea is stored in the database. To prevent the database from becoming big and slow this is done using a 'varchar', which has a 255 characters limit. If you do want to use a bigger textarea attribute look for the solution in the forums. It has been done before: here is one solution
Forum Topic 7009
and this has some more explanation.
Forum Topic 5620
The code support it.

Both the links in the FAQ are broken.
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Postby duncan » 1:36pm, Sat 26 Jul, 2008

You need to get at the database and change the storage size of that field. But what field is it that you need more than 255 char for ?

Certainly for text messages you are fine, is it user attributes

Anyway to get at the database you need some mysql knowledge, search for phpmyadmin which is the best tool around

Cheers Duncan
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More than 255 character limit

Postby ajkoen » 10:38pm, Mon 28 Jul, 2008

I had this problem about a year ago, and fixed it using the info from this forum. I am now unable to find the solution... all the links seem to be dead.

any help?
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Postby H2B2 » 2:30am, Fri 28 Nov, 2008

You'll find a solution in this mantis report:
michiel wrote:all data is stored in 'user_attribute' which has varchar(255) as the size of the column. This issue can be resolved by using a bigger storage space, eg:
Code: Select all
alter table user_attribute change column value value longtext;
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Postby jfnoubel » 7:38am, Thu 12 Mar, 2009


I am experiencing the very same problem of having text fields truncated to 255 characters when uploading text files. This is VERY annoying since it truncates key data from our original file.

I am not much of a geek and I would love to have understandable instructions on how to proceed to change this field.

WHERE can I change the user_attribute from varchar to longtext? HOW? In which file?

Previous links to past solutions are all broken.

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