[solved] delete in userlist does not delete the user

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[solved] delete in userlist does not delete the user

Postby nevermind » 11:19am, Thu 14 Aug, 2008

Hi guys

Something i came accross:

if i delete a registered mailinglist user, he does not get deleted at all, just the connections to his mailinglists get removed, he is still in phplist_user_user table...

is this a bug or a feature?

if this is a feature, i'd add an alternate delete function, that will delete the user from the system, if not, the system gets bloated by "dead" registrations, plus you get into problems, if users want to edit their records eventually...
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Postby H2B2 » 9:50pm, Fri 29 Aug, 2008

There are several places where you can delete users. Could you specify which of the following applies?

Deleting a user from the 'list of all users' page (/lists/admin/?page=users) should remove the user from the database.

Deleting a user from the 'list membership' page (e.g. /lists/admin/?page=members&id=1) should only remove the user from that particular membership list. The user will remain in the database as he may have other active subscriptions.

The 'reconcile users' page (/lists/admin/?page=reconcileusers) has an option to "delete all users who are not subscribed to any list", which should delete those users from the database.
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