Number of attachments in config after fantastico install

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Number of attachments in config after fantastico install

Postby Guest » 2:52pm, Thu 04 Sep, 2008

Hi all,

Just found a small bug in the fantastico install where if you enter a value in "Number of attachments you want to add per message (max)". You may find that if you look at your config file that the value entered above has ended up in ALLOW_ATTACHMENTS.

It appears that it gets the following two around the wrong way;

ALLOW_ATTACHMENTS i.e. this had the value 3 assigned from the choice I made above.
NUMATTACHMENTS i.e. this only had the value 1 assigned.

Quick manual update to these two results in the "send a message" > "attach" interface showing expected number of attachments to add at any one time.


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