[Solved] Database error 2006 Solution

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[Solved] Database error 2006 Solution

Postby Guest » 1:52am, Sat 13 Sep, 2008

I want to share my solution to the Database error 2006 problem. I got the solution from another thread, but almost missed it.

    I made no changes to my PHPList. It was running fine for a long time.
    One day it started only sending one email each time the cron fired. When I manually processed the queue, it would only send one email then appear to hang.
    I could occasionally see the error Database error 2006 while doing query MySQL server has gone away appear in red boxes before the process queue page refreshed.
    My shared host -- siteground -- insisted that they made no changes on their end and suggested that the script was trying to "execute slow and heavy MySQL queries."

In my config.php I had ...

Code: Select all

... so that the emails would be sent 9 seconds apart. I changed it to ...

Code: Select all

... and I'm back up and running! The host must have changed a setting that would kill processes that slept or delayed.

Good luck!
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Postby J_S » 1:44pm, Tue 16 Sep, 2008

Thank you for this ;)
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