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[solved] Squares inserted in template

PostPosted: 10:33am, Wed 01 Oct, 2008
by Guest
I built a newsletter with MSWord and saved it as a filtered web page. I then used it as a template for my newsletter. The newsletter that was recieved had "squares"inserted where multiple spaces in a row had been used. In outlook express it had ????????? if multiple spaces were used to separate text.
I took the same document and pasted into the source of the newsletter and it arrived perfectly.
Is there something I need to change to fix this?

PostPosted: 11:27am, Wed 01 Oct, 2008
by Dragonrider
Yep, don;t use word!

If you must use word, then copy into Notepad, then copy and paste into phpList.

No matter what you filter a Word Doc as, it will always carry surplus code that an editor like FCKeditor hates.

PostPosted: 12:10pm, Wed 01 Oct, 2008
by Guest
Thank You... that did it. I don't have a choice as to what program they make the newsletter with so I'm pretty well stuck with Word. I copied the source to notepad and then saved as a text. Opened it up again and saved it as an .htm . Then I used the htm file for the template and it was clean.

Easy fix.... Thank You again