[solved] Admin List Creation Limit

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[solved] Admin List Creation Limit

Postby Guest » 11:55pm, Tue 14 Oct, 2008

Is there a limit to how many list an admin can create? It looks like its limiting my admins to five lists, is there a way to alter this? I've searched the forums and my config settings but can't find any instructions.


Postby Guest » 8:54pm, Wed 15 Oct, 2008

Can I assume there is no way of doing this without hacking some code?

Postby CS » 9:26pm, Wed 15 Oct, 2008

Look for a couple lines that look like this in your config.php under "security related settings":

Code: Select all
# if you use login, how many lists can be created per administrator

Change the "5" to however many lists you want your admins to be able to create.

Postby Guest » 2:23am, Thu 16 Oct, 2008

that did the trick.


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