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Spell Checker Doesn't Work

Postby carolgann » 12:02am, Sun 22 May, 2005

- what version of PHPlist have you installed? = version 2.8.12

- what version of PHP do you use? = version 2.8.12

- do you have your own server, or are you in a shared hosting environment? www.digitalspace.net

- What Operating System (type and version) do you run = Windows XP

- What are you exactly trying to achieve? = Spell Check in the Editor

- What page are you on (look at ?page=something) in the URL bar = /lists/admin/?page=send

- What did you do? = Try to run Spell Check after typing in my text.

- What happened? = It said "Spell Checker Not Installed. Do you want to download it now?" Click "OK" and nothing happends

- What did you expect to happen? = To be able to use the spell checker when I click on it.
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Found the Answer

Postby carolgann » 4:50am, Wed 25 May, 2005

I found the answer. You go to http://www.fredck.com/FCKeditor/ and download ieSpellSetup211325 and install it on your computer. Then it works
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