Fast Start Import List and Send Message Tutorial

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Fast Start Import List and Send Message Tutorial

Postby Guest » 9:10pm, Tue 11 Nov, 2008

I had a client not be able to read documentation and need a basic How To guide after we set up phplist and removed its user_group import.csv list Bug.
(Bug Discussion: phplist 2.10.7 - Table user_group doesn't exist)

Maybe useful to others who are helping out a person and getting hailed with questions.

I cannot post the link to the Tutorial File because I don't have 10 posts, if some one PMs me, I'll give you the link to look at and post.

I cannot attach the Tutorial File because it's 3.2mb pdf


EDIT by moderator: ... ge_Tut.pdf

Postby Guest » 4:00pm, Mon 17 Nov, 2008

Thanks Mod!

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