[tip] AOL users getting *nothing*? How I fixed it.

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[tip] AOL users getting *nothing*? How I fixed it.

Postby Guest » 4:56pm, Sat 10 Jan, 2009

I had the problem that AOL users didn't get anything from my list server -- no confirmation, no messages, no anything. I searched around & found another message here that suggested some other user look at the headers in his message & check the "envelope-from" line.

Messages from my host (zesthost) showed the envelope-from listed as nobody@(my specific server). I worked with zesthost and they moved my account to a different server that showed the envelope-from header info as 'my cpanel login name@my specific server.'

The other thing they did for me was to add an SPF record for my domain.

After this upgrade/move, I had to go in and get rid of the .htaccess files & upload a generic php.ini file. This was due to the fact that the new server I was on uses suPHP.

I don't understand all the specifics of what they did, but the combination worked. AOL users are now (at least for the time being) receiving mail from my server sent by phplist. (FYI: I could send e-mail from an address @ my domain to AOL users without trouble, so I knew that it wasn't my whole domain name that they were rejecting.)

Hope this helps someone else. I probably can't answer any specific follow-up questions, but feel free to ask.

Postby J_S » 6:51pm, Fri 16 Jan, 2009

Thank you for sharing this
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