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[solved] Where is content pulled in by [CONTENT] stored?

PostPosted: 3:28pm, Sat 17 Jan, 2009
by Guest
Sorry for the newbie question... But...

I was contacted by a client today that's had phpList installed for some time.
They've never gotten it to run properly.
(I believe it's not configured correctly, but I'll get into that this weekend.)

I've been looking around for where the [CONTENT] for push emails is actually stored. Also, is there only one [CONTENT] holder? Where is information discussing this item? I don't total access yet to this installation, so I might be missing something obvious. Not to mention that this is first time I've even seen the application

Currently [CONTENT] emits:

I understand, said Socrates, and quite accept your account. But tell me,
Zeno, do you not further think that there is an idea of likeness in itself,
and another idea of unlikeness, which is the opposite of likeness, and that
in these two,...

Which I assume is phpList's: "Lorem ipsum dolor."

I'll have to get in and figure out how it's configured and correct it this weekend, but I'm just looking for some pointers in the right direction.

On another note...

I'm pretty pleased by the potential; although it needs some serious polish in the UI and functionality, but I think I'll add some of that functionality and submit back to the project when I get up to speed. I’ve started to do a fair amount with Drupal and definitely want to incorporate email-marketing capability into my client’s projects. Ergo… the need for something that’s rock solid.

I'd imagine a really good and in-depth tutorial would be helpful.

If I determine that phpList is the way to go, I'll write it up and record it.


PostPosted: 6:19pm, Sat 17 Jan, 2009
by CS
The [CONTENT] placeholder is used in conjunction with templates. It places the unique message content for that message into the template at the location of the placeholder.

See also:

I hope this helps.


PostPosted: 1:09am, Sun 18 Jan, 2009
by Guest
Sorry for the dumb question... RTFM... But the FM wasn't very readable :roll:

As promised, I'll create a better description and post it for review.

But... It will be a couple of weeks (or less) - got to get work done.

Thanks again.

P.S. I would have quoted your post, but since I'm new on the forum, the system is throwing an error regarding URL's and being a newbie (under 7 days).

PostPosted: 5:37am, Sun 18 Jan, 2009
by CS
Alrighty, let's see if this is more helpful. Try following these steps and it should click:

1) Login and click "Templates" on the right hand menu.
2) Click on "Add a new template"
3) Name it "test"
4) In the text area enter some 'header' text (for our purposes, it doesn't matter what).
5) Type "[CONTENT]"
6) Type some 'footer' text. Again, it doesn't matter what it is.
7) Click 'save changes'
8) Go back to your templates page and click the 'view' link for the test template. You should see your 'header' text followed by the Socrates text, then your 'footer' text. You've clearly done steps 1-8 already.
9) Click 'send a message'.
10) Enter a subject and some text in the 'body' area.
11) Click save changes.
12) Click the 'format' tab.
13) Click the 'use a template' dropdown and select the 'test' template.
14) Enter your email address and click 'send test message'.
15) The message should appear in your inbox and the body should show the header text you typed in, now followed by whatever you entered in the body area of the email, followed by the footer text.

Assuming your template looked like this:
Code: Select all
This is a header.
This is a footer.
and your message body said "This is a test.", your email should say:
Code: Select all
This is a header.
This is a test.
This is a footer.


PostPosted: 12:16pm, Mon 19 Jan, 2009
by Guest
CS wrote:Alrighty, let's see if this is more helpful. Try following these steps and it should click:

I figured it out early yesterday. I just fully read the doc and now have it down pat - or some semblance of thereof.

Thanks again,




PostPosted: 2:52pm, Sat 31 Jan, 2009
by ecptime
very nice explanation....thanks for the post


Re: [solved] Where is content pulled in by [CONTENT] stored?

PostPosted: 11:20pm, Sat 30 May, 2009
by websitebob
Good tutorial.

In the event you'd also like to enter your own placeholder text, the "Socrates" [CONTENT] placeholder text can be found here:

admin > lan > en > viewtemplate.php

Select the file from the language folder associated with your configuration.