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[solved] Form positions

PostPosted: 9:18pm, Wed 25 Feb, 2009
by wwiii
Hello all,

I am trying to create custom subscribe/unsubscribe pages. I have everything done and ready to post except for one thing.

i cannot figure out how to position the form "<FORM>" independently of the text content i put in the "Intro" section of the admin/"edit subscribe page"

i know which files hold the content i enter into the "Footer" and "Header" sections but cannot find file that holds the content that I enter into the "Intro" section
where is the "Intro" content held? what folder/file?

any help here would be greatly appreciated.


PostPosted: 7:57am, Thu 26 Feb, 2009
by wwiii
I found it on my own. for others that may be in the same boat i was in the info you need is in the index.php file. form gets ?called? on about line 490. i changed lines 509 and 511.

they look like this

$html .= '<center><table>';
$html .= ListAttributes($attributes,$attributedata,$data["htmlchoice"],0,$data['emaildoubleentry']);
$html .= '</table></center>';

but w/o <center> and </center> tags

just added the center tag and like magic i am good to go

hope i can save someone else the 2.5 days it took me to find it!