[fix] FCK Editor puts Javascript in Email Links

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[fix] FCK Editor puts Javascript in Email Links

Postby JamesW » 11:48am, Tue 07 Apr, 2009

When you create an link of type email using the FCK Editor (PHP List 2.10.9), the FCK editor inserts Javascript to create the email link from the ascii character codes representing the email address.

This is entirely appropriate when FCK is being used to generate web pages, as it hides the email address from unevolved bots.

However it is totally inappropriate behaviour in Emails, as emails are not targeted by bots, and email clients handle javascript somewhat idiosnycratically, if at all. Furthermore, embedded Javascript in emails makes the email immediately suspect by anti-virus software as being spam.

The fix for this behaviour is a directive in file admin/fckphplist.php

The following (line 844 in my version) needs to be set to 'none' from the existing 'function, like so.

FCKConfig.EMailProtection = 'none' ; // none | encode | function

It would be nice if this could be set in a future release of PHPList ?
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