[how to] send webpage without css and javascript

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[how to] send webpage without css and javascript

Postby liliplanet » 11:41am, Sat 21 Jan, 2012

This is when you need to send 'HTML page you want to send as body of the message' without css and javascript

Create a new message and just add eg [URL:http://www.yahoo.com]

Now as the message sends css and javascript some email clients ie gmail will not format the email.

Sending a message without css and javascript

Create rss feeds of your content
Run your rss feed through the http://www.rss2html.com script (which you uploaded to your server) so that you will now have a php include code
Create for example mynewsletter.php and add your php include code from above and voila! you have a clean page which you can theme as you wish
Use inline css (not an attached file) which you can see at http://inlinestyler.torchboxapps.com

Now if you use scheduling you can automate your newsletter that sends daily, weekly etc

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Re: [how to] send webpage without css and javascript

Postby andrikaa » 5:50am, Thu 27 Feb, 2014

HTML and Javascript? Im confused. What is Javascript used for? I know that you can write using javascript but what is the difference between javascript and HTML, how are they different, how do their uses differ? Thanks a lot.
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