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Line break problem

Postby pepim » 11:28am, Fri 02 Aug, 2013


sorry probably someone discussed this topic before, but I did not find it anywhere.

I used 2.10.17 and everything was ok (maybe I did some excelent fix 3years ago, that it works) and now I installed the new version 2.11.9

Problem is like this:
I wrote to the message:
Náš pán je král. (czech languge)

When I enter the source of the received email, the czech characters are transformed into something like this:
N=32=64 p=32n je .....

Problem is, that phplist do a line breaks after some amount of characters, so it occurs problem like:
N=32=64 p=3
2n je ...

line break is inthe middle of the word.

For example gmail can handle it, but thunderbird and outlook cant do it. I want to set up no word wrap, or set up that only space is the character after which the line break can be done.

Please can you give me an advice how to fix it? The new version looks great, so I want to use it :)

Thank you,
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