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Process Queue seems stalled

PostPosted: 5:19pm, Tue 21 Jan, 2014
by chuckpuckett
I am confused w.r.t. how Process Queue operates. I compose a message in the Send a Message page, Save it, go to Lists, select the list and send to that list.
On Process Queue, it starts processing.

Now, I have throttling on in order to satisfy my host provider's 500 msg/hr limit. Do I have to leave the Process Queue window open until all the messages have been sent? Which is like a 5-6 hour babysitting job.

I use HostGator, and there seems to exist a cron job that is associated with phplist process queue. And their tech folk seemed to think I could close the window and all the messaging would be taken care of. But when I did that, and then came back to look at the Messages window, the sending appeared to be stalled (total msgs sent never increased, even 2 hours after I started).

I restarted today's sending, and left the Process Queue window open, and the Cylon "Processing please wait. Do not interrupt!" caption is merrily cooking along. I'm too paranoid to close the window.

Any guidance?

Chuck "waiting for Godot" Puckett
"I don't want to steal the show. I only want to borrow it for a while."

Re: Process Queue seems stalled

PostPosted: 9:47am, Wed 22 Jan, 2014
by duncanc
You should be using a cron job to process the queue. It is possible to use the browser interface but you will need to use a small batch period so that php does not time-out and, as you mentioned, you would need to keep the browser open for several hours.

This topic might be useful for setting up a cron job on Hostgator