Any way to RESEND confirmation emails?

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Any way to RESEND confirmation emails?

Postby simplifiedmedia » 3:50am, Mon 10 Apr, 2006

Hello everybody, I was wondering - is there any way to RESEND confirmation emails?

For instance, what if a user gets added to a list, but the confirmation email gets put in their spam folder? Or what if they just missed the confirmation email?

It would be great if there were a way to re-send pending confirmation messages.

As of now, the only solution I can find is to delete the user, and manually resubscribe them.

Is there a better way?
Or perhaps this should be a feature request?

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Postby bevan » 9:23pm, Mon 17 Apr, 2006

I think subscribing them on the front end again (without deleting) will do this.

I think you can also do it en mass from 'reconcile users'

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Postby FatalMusic » 8:12am, Thu 25 May, 2006

anyone has another sollution?? i imported like 5000 emails.. and some people i know have not received any email.. however they are not deleted (i deleted the bounced emails) and are still 'unconfirmed'...
i have a feeling the confirm message didn't go through to most of the emails.. (some did confirme but only at the beginning when i started sending)

how can I resend the request to everyone without having to do this manually? or reimport all again...?

Thanks :)
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Postby pablom » 2:48am, Wed 07 Jun, 2006

I would also like to know... there's no option to do that in "reconcile users".. there's only to UNCONFIRM and to Confirm, but not to send the confirm e-mail.
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Resend confirmation email

Postby avit » 7:21pm, Fri 16 Mar, 2007

This would definitely be a helpful feature, I've been looking for a good solution to clean up my mailing lists as well. A function to enable the permission pass process described by Spamhaus would be immensely useful.

It would basically need to do the following:

  1. Mark all users on a list "unconfirmed"
  2. Allow customizing of confirmation message text, so it's not the default self-signup text
  3. Send each user a confirmation email, using batch processing

As I'm writing this I realize, is it possible to achieve this process manually by composing a normal message with [CONFIRMATIONURL] tagged in it? I guess the process would be something like:

  1. Keep all users confirmed
  2. Compose and send a "please reconfirm" message to all users
  3. Mark all users unconfirmed immediately after sending

The problem I foresee with this method is that batch processing will delay the sending of messages so that you either unconfirm users before their message is sent (if you unconfirm all immediately after sending, will this prevent messages from going out?), or risk unconfirming individuals after they've received and confirmed (if you wait for the whole batch to complete). Can someone tell me how this works: is the "confirmed" status checked once, up-front, or at each sending step during batch processing?

Any other ideas?
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Re: Resend confirmation email

Postby avit » 7:51pm, Fri 16 Mar, 2007

Update: I notice there's a function To resend the request for confirmation to users who signed up and have not confirmed their subscription on the Reconcile Users page.

However, I can't find any function to "mark all users unconfirmed", especially since I only want to unconfirm users that belong to a certain list that was imported with "auto-confirm"... Will I have to do this via SQL?
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