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Anyone know how to unblacklist a user? [solved]

PostPosted: 3:14am, Fri 19 May, 2006
by urbanone
I was testing the unsubscribe section in my set up using a client's email address - I have tried to add this user back to my list which is no problem but cannot remove the 'blacklisting' this user now has.

Does anyone know how to reset the attribute for an individual user address?

PostPosted: 6:41am, Fri 19 May, 2006
by urbanone
Ok solved my own question - luckily I have a phpMyAdmin facility as part of my server package so it made life easier > I went into it, clicked on databases and opened my phpList database > in this is a list for php_user_blacklist - I browsed this file and found my blacklisted user and removed the user from the list...

PostPosted: 12:32pm, Fri 19 May, 2006
by H2B2
Admin offers the possibility to un-blacklist a user. You should find this option in Admin-> Users -> click on blacklisted user -> History. The rest is obvious when you see it.


PostPosted: 4:52pm, Tue 06 Mar, 2007
by dsudak
Thanks for the info. How does a user get blacklisted anyway? I noticed one of our subscribers was blacklisted but I never did anything to blacklist them. Is that something psp list does for some reason?

PostPosted: 6:12pm, Tue 06 Mar, 2007
by H2B2
A user's email address will get on the blacklist when he/she unsubscribes. This should ensure a user will not get any more unwanted messages.

PostPosted: 7:41pm, Thu 26 Apr, 2007
by David Darrow
You can also copy their e-mail address from their record, noting what list(s) they are subscribed to, then change their blacklisted status from 1 to 0, or alternately, delete their record and manually add them again with a Paste, and change confirmed to 1 instead of 0