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PostPosted: 6:41pm, Tue 21 Nov, 2006
by H2B2
beanstalk wrote:just want comments and enough people using it that we could ask the developers to change some code such that we would not have to modify any of the phplist files and could more easily upgrade.
The point you are making seems valid to me. I think you could post a feature request anyway (including a link to your post), even without feedback from users.

PostPosted: 6:42pm, Tue 21 Nov, 2006
by beanstalk
thanks for the reply. i just want to know that i'm not crazy...or at least on this topic.

ie v.s. firefox

PostPosted: 12:19am, Fri 24 Nov, 2006
by gchaimovitz
With the setup listed within this thread I can get it to work with firefox with no problems, within ie i keep getting pushed to the subscription page.

Any suggestions?

PostPosted: 3:25am, Fri 24 Nov, 2006
by H2B2
Perhaps if you'd post your form or an url...

PostPosted: 5:14pm, Sun 26 Nov, 2006
by Aaaant
Thanks a million, that code works for me as well perfectly. Is there a way to get the form to pop up to a new window when submit is pressed?



PostPosted: 12:54am, Mon 27 Nov, 2006
by H2B2
Is there a way to get the form to pop up to a new window when submit is pressed?

To open a new window upon submit you could try adding target = "_blank" to your form tag. For instance, if this would be your current form tag:
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<form method="post" action="" name="subscribeform">

Change it to this:
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<form method="post" action="" name="subscribeform" target="_blank">

PostPosted: 11:43am, Mon 27 Nov, 2006
by Aaaant
Thanks for the pointer. Is there a way to specify the window size? I know it'll be javascript functions, but figuring out how to implement it in the javascript that's there is proving troublesome.


PostPosted: 6:08pm, Mon 27 Nov, 2006
by Aaaant
I'm really naughty, I've just answered my own question. This is the solution:

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<form method="post" action="" name="signup" target="windowName" onsubmit="'',,

I wonder if there's an ajax option as well?

PostPosted: 6:35pm, Mon 27 Nov, 2006
by H2B2
You can display the full code by editing your post, paste the code again, and make sure you click on "Disable HTML in this post" on the left hand side of your editing window.

For an example popup code, you could also take a look at this post:

Help appreciated

PostPosted: 5:15am, Sat 02 Dec, 2006
by bgem
Ok I'm basically trying to get my Subscribe to the Newsletter Form to show up on my Home page without the need for Subscribers to confirm their email, they just enter their email and presto they are subscribed to the newsleter.

This was actually the original setting for my shopping script, but due to an excess of subscribers, I had to change to PHPList to send out newsletters or face suspension of my site cause I was sending out too much Newsletter (just how much is too much?)(still not pleased with this cause my shopping script already came fully formatted with the auto function and backend feature to send out newsletters no matter how many subscribers they were - but oh well)

Anyway, I modified the code to get Subscribers to sign up for the Newsletters, but this is the best I can do without running into errors, any help on how to get the code to just show the Email Form and let them add their address and Presto they are automatically added to my email list in the backend on PHPList?

See the site
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{* news *}



   {section name=i loop=$news_array}

   {if $news_array}


      {if $subscribe == NULL} {* show newsletter subscription form *}

         {if $error_message}

         <a>The SOUL INK Newsletter </a><br>

         {if $productID ne NULL}
         {if $categoryID ne NULL}

      {else} {* show 'thank you' message *}





Re: Help appreciated

PostPosted: 1:29pm, Sun 03 Dec, 2006
by H2B2
bgem wrote:any help on how to get the code to just show the Email Form and let them add their address and Presto they are automatically added to my email list in the backend on PHPList?

There are a couple of mods that should allow direct susbscription without the need for users to confirm their subscription, e.g.:

There might be more. So please search the forum.

P.S. The code in your previous post seems truncated. Please edit your post, paste the code again, and make sure you click on "Disable HTML in this post" on the left of the editing window.

PostPosted: 4:01pm, Thu 28 Dec, 2006
by Gulfstream
This is a bit off topic but similar in nature... Can this same method be used for the admin login?

The client logs onto our homepage, and sees a form that says Client Login. They enter user/pass and they are directed the adminpage.


PostPosted: 5:14pm, Tue 02 Jan, 2007
by H2B2

PostPosted: 11:07pm, Wed 10 Jan, 2007
by garfpaw
I'm having a problem with IE when signing up to the list I've put on my page.

I've gone through all the steps, I've tried with and with out the &id=# both seem to do the same thing in either Firefox or IE, Firefox it works perfectly and in IE it redirects to the subscription page saying required field. My config page is set to true. Currently I have the index page set to just subscribe all of the other pages are set to subscribe&id=6 (6 is the correct list number for this list). I do how ever not have the list installed on this website, I maintain a bunch of different websites and I put the main list on our main website, not sure if that makes a difference. the site in question is scrapmap dot com any help would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: strike that, without the &id=6 on Firefox it doesn't redirect properly

PostPosted: 10:53pm, Mon 15 Jan, 2007
by johnfrw
I chose phplist because of this very helpful forum and have already received lots of help from searching the forum, but .....

I have incorporated a subscribe page in my site and the form looks great but when I click the submit button I just get redirected to


I've tried allsorts and can't fix this - any help very gratefully received.

thanks in advance - code below

<script language="Javascript" type="text/javascript">

var fieldstocheck = new Array();
fieldnames = new Array();

function checkform() {
for (i=0;i<fieldstocheck.length;i++) {
if (eval("document.subscribeform.elements['"+fieldstocheck[i]+"'].value") == "") {
alert("Please enter your "+fieldnames[i]);
return false;

return true;

function addFieldToCheck(value,name) {
fieldstocheck[fieldstocheck.length] = value;
fieldnames[fieldnames.length] = name;

function compareEmail()
return (document.subscribeform.elements["email"].value == document.subscribeform.elements["emailconfirm"].value);

<form method=post action="http:/mysite/lists/?p=subscribe" name="subscribeform"><table border=0>
<tr><td><div class="feature">Email</div></td>
<td class="feature">
<span class="feature">
<input type=text name=email value="" size="40">
<script language="Javascript" type="text/javascript">addFieldToCheck("email","Email");</script>
</span></td></tr><tr><td colspan=2 class="feature">
Preferred format for emails:<br/>
<input type=radio name="htmlemail" value="0" />
<input type=radio name="htmlemail" value="1" checked />

<tr><td><div class="feature">name</div></td><td class="attributeinput">
<span class="feature">
<input type=text name="attribute1" class="attributeinput" size="40" value="">
<script language="Javascript" type="text/javascript">addFieldToCheck("attribute1","name");</script>

<tr><td><div class="feature">post code</div></td><td class="attributeinput"> <span class="feature">
<input type=text name="attribute4" class="attributeinput" size="40" value="">

<tr><td><div class="feature">phone number</div></td><td class="attributeinput"> <span class="feature">
<input type=text name="attribute5" class="attributeinput" size="40" value="">
<tr><td colspan=2>
<span class="feature">
<input type="checkbox" name="attribute6" value="on" class="attributeinput">
Subscribe to Lists</span></td></tr>

<span class="feature">

<input type=submit name="subscribe" value="Subscribe to the Selected Newsletters" onClick="return checkform();">
<p class="feature"><br/>
<a href="http://mysite/phplist/?p=unsubscribe&id=1">Unsubscribe</a>

<style type="text/css">
.poweredphplist {font-family: arial, verdana, sans-serif;font-size : 10px; font-variant: small-caps; font-weight : normal; padding: 2px; padding-left:20px;}
a:visited.poweredphplist {font-family: Arial, verdana, sans-serif; font-size : 10px; font-variant: small-caps; font-weight : normal; color : #666666; text-align : center; text-decoration : none; padding: 2px;}
a:hover.poweredphplist {color : #7D7B7B;}
powered by <a href="" class="poweredphplist" target="_blank">phplist</a> v 2.10.2, &copy; <a href="" target="_blank" class="poweredphplist">tincan ltd</a>


The code <!-- CODE REMOVED FROM HERE--> was
<input type="hidden" name="list[2]" value="signup">
<input type="hidden" name="listname[2]" value="ASDW Mailing List"/>