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How to skip the confirmation email!

PostPosted: 3:52am, Mon 26 Feb, 2007
by menaceman

I just searched for 2 days and

cant find an option or a code snippet for deactivation of the confirmation email being sent after subscription. I want to have only a Subscription email and a unsubscription email being automatically sent.

2.cant find a possibilty to subscribe/unsubscribe with one button method, without being redirected to this standard, " you (un)subscribed to the newsletter..." message".
Would like to include a form in to my homepage and have
1 subscribe page. with e-mail and name + button. and another unsubscr. page with mailform only + button without redirection and confirmation << is this possible?

can anyone help me? :oops:

i just posted on the wrong forum. sorry. could u redirect this post to the right one?

PostPosted: 4:04am, Mon 26 Feb, 2007
by H2B2
Take a look at this thread and its references:

Keep in mind that double opt-in is required by law in many countries. Removing the confirmation request could therefore pose a legal problem.