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[ solved] attachment size limit?

PostPosted: 9:59pm, Mon 26 Mar, 2007
by Steve0
I have enabled attachments in the config and allowed a massively large file size upload in SQL and PHP..when I send a test message with an attachment larger than 2M, i get take to a white source code..just totally blank and the message never gets sent.
in the attachment repository directory, I can locate the attachment, but it appears in duplicate...a ) byte file and the attached file, but they have additional random characters at the end of the file name.

Am I hitting some file size limit?

PostPosted: 10:43pm, Mon 26 Mar, 2007
by Keith Jordan
PHP has a max file size limit so that is probably stopping you. I think it is 2MB by default. Speak to your host of edit your PHP config file.

nope, not that

PostPosted: 2:06pm, Tue 27 Mar, 2007
by Steve0
No, I already thought of that...from my PHP.INI:

post_max_size 8M 8M
upload_max_filesize 5M 5M


PostPosted: 4:51pm, Tue 27 Mar, 2007
by Steve0 was either a time out in the PHP.ini or lack of a default path

max_execution_time = 240
max_input_time = 240
memory_limit = 2M

; UNIX: "/path1:/path2"
include_path = ".:/usr/share/php"