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How do you change the "this link" text for placeho

PostPosted: 4:23am, Sun 22 Apr, 2007
by phplistar
I placed a few placeholders in my message, such as [UNSUBSCRIBE] [SUBSCRIBE] etc. When the message goes out the placeholders get converted to links with the text "this link" , how do I change "this link" to "Unsubscribe" or whatever text I want? How do I style these links?

This may be a simple question, but I could not find an answer in the Documentation, nor in the forum. How do I search an exact phrase in the forum post?


PostPosted: 2:46pm, Thu 26 Apr, 2007
by H2B2
You can find this text string in the language file you are using, e.g.
Look for this string: $strThisLink = 'this link';

My preferred way of searching the forum is using google, e.g. with a search string like this: "this link"

Thanks I found what I needed

PostPosted: 3:22pm, Sat 28 Apr, 2007
by phplistar
Thanks, I found this post
that clarifies everything. If you want to use it just remember to add the new variables to global variable declaratrion in the sendemail function.