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Blocking the access for a specific email

PostPosted: 3:40pm, Wed 25 Apr, 2007
by Loginor

I have a user who subscribe to my list on April 17th, and since then he has confirmed his subscription 14 times! Everyday I receive at least one confirmation email from him and I'm tired of this.

I've tried to contact him but no success. I suspect it is some kind of robot which keep activating the link in the email, but I really don't know. Does he try to hack something? I don't know either.

What I want is to get rid of it. I made some test by blacklisting or disabling a test user but the confirmation email continue to work and I continue to receive a copy to my admin email.

Is there a way to tell phplist to stop processing any request from this email address?


PostPosted: 3:46pm, Wed 25 Apr, 2007
by H2B2
Not sure if you can use this, but it might serve as a starting point:

PostPosted: 4:11pm, Wed 25 Apr, 2007
by Loginor

But do you have an idea of what this can be?

A kind of robot or a mouse-click-maniac??? ;-)

I don't think it is some kind of hacking because I don't know what can be achieved only by confirming a subscription over and over again.

And I'm a little annoyed to have to modify the php code only because of this bozo!

PostPosted: 2:45am, Thu 26 Apr, 2007
by H2B2
Hard to say whether it is a bot (which would be my best guess) or a user with a mouse-clicking disorder. In the latter case, and provided you have an IP address of the culprit, you could try to ban his IP address using the htaccess file, e.g.:
In the mean time, if you are truly worried about it you can do the following:

in your root folder (on the server, usually called htdocs or root) make an html page that says "You have been banned from the site" Or something else (depending on how mean you want to appear, LOL) Save this as banned.html in that htdocs folder.

Back out of the htdocs folder, so that you are on the same level as htdocs. (meaning you would have to double click the htdocs(root) folder to see the files inside it.

If you do not have a file named".htaccess" here you need to make one. To make one, open notepad (assuming Windows computer here) save the BLANK page as .htaccess (do NOT forget the period at the front). Once that is done upload it to the server (should be BELOW the htdocs folder here)

Now you will need to edit the .htaccess file. First double check that it is NOT appearing as .htaccess.txt if it is, then rename and just delete the ".txt" portion. After that is done, add this to the .htaccess:

ErrorDocument 403 /banned.html
order deny,allow
deny from
deny from

Obviously you would change the "" to the abuser's IP and "" to his website. IF you do not want to block links FROM his site just delete the whole last line.

You may also like more information on the whole blocking/allowing by .htaccess thing. Just go HERE ( and check near the bottom of the page.


You should find more solutions by searching the Internet.

In case it is a bot, you might take a second look at this thread: