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Are your emails not bein received? [Maybe an Answer]

PostPosted: 8:28am, Mon 30 Apr, 2007
by SaWey

I've been sending a lot of mails with phpList.
Some of them never reached the end user, like a lot of you guys.
My problem was the ISP's spam filter, they bocked my emails because they were rated as spam (even when they only contained 1 image and 2 links).
I recoded my template so now it isn't marked as spam anymore.
What did the trick with my mails, was just removing the centering of a table. That was all I needed to do!

Another solution is sending an email to the ISP and ask if they want to put your emailaddress on their whitelist, but you will have to make sure you comply with their needs.

I hope some of you will find this helpfull.