RSS Validates, Gets, Reads in Admin. Doesnt send. [SOLVED]

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RSS Validates, Gets, Reads in Admin. Doesnt send. [SOLVED]

Postby THURO » 9:27pm, Wed 16 May, 2007

alright, I read the documentation, did a search found 97 items pertaining to RSS Feeds went through them all 3 times found only 1 post like mine and it is without an answer.


did I set the configure page to 1 on RSS?
yes I did and the RSS stuff appears.

did I add the rss link to a list?
yes and after that comes the next question.

did I see if the feed validates?
yes I did it says congrutulations you have a valid RSS feed.

did I do the get RSS from main page?
yes and it get all of my 7 items.

can you view RSS from main page?
yes all 7 items are there

did you insert [RSS] in your message content and or template anywhere?
Yes I did and no dice, it shows the rest of the template or if i dont have any template its just blank.

so my question to all of you with RSS feeds is, what am I doing wrong?
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Postby THURO » 9:27pm, Wed 16 May, 2007

by the way I'm using latest version just downloaded it.
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Postby THURO » 4:06pm, Thu 17 May, 2007

I installed on another server, same outcome. shoould I get an earlier version of PHP LIST maybe?
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Postby THURO » 11:00pm, Fri 18 May, 2007

alright, this is where i'm at...

I installed an older version of php list, now going through all of this stuff again i noticed that i had never put a schedule, i dont know if this matters or not so i said well i'll schedule these things... and when I hit process queue it says it sent the email but I never receive it. so i said ok well maybe this version of php list doesnt work. so then I downloaded 2.11, the one that isnt the most stable yet i guess. well same result, so i'm guessing the problem isn't php list it has to be something else. has anyone seen this problem before?
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Postby THURO » 6:32pm, Mon 21 May, 2007

alright upon more fidgetting with this thing, I found the next to be true:

When i send rss and pick only HTML as the way to send the mail, it doesnt send out the mail. it says it does, i get the report back that it does, but i dont get an email. i can send other stuff only in HTML and that works great, i only encounter this problem when sending rss.

alright this is feeling more like a personal diary than a help forum but i will keep you informed.

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Postby H2B2 » 7:41pm, Mon 21 May, 2007

THURO wrote:alright this is feeling more like a personal diary than a help forum but i will keep you informed.
:D Yes I can imagine. Still, it's an interesting thread, because of the structured way you are troubleshooting the issue. Unfortunately, I can't be of much help given my non-existent experience with RSS.

Just one or two comments: As the problem can be reproduced on several installs involving different versions of phplist, one would be tempted to think of two possible causes:
1. A problem with the way you setup your RSS template for HTML messages. Not probable, but you might check this on the configuration page to make sure.
2. I wonder whether this might in some way be related to your specific server setup/configuration (PHP, MySQL, ...?), which might possibly be incompatible with parts of the coding used in phplist.

You could also take a look at the code and see if you can discover anything there, e.g. in sendemaillib.php, around line 284 (version 2.10.4).
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Postby THURO » 9:21pm, Tue 22 May, 2007

Thank you for the companionship on my quest for RSS emailing H2B2, however i'm affraid it will be short lived.

ok i contacted my host up in the UK, he gave me all the xml info and yes, it is enabled on my server. Now as far as the rest of the info, maybe this thread would have ended earlier if I had said i was sending the tests to a hotmail account. after going into the error logs this is what support had to say of this issue:
Further investigation shows that this looks more like Hotmail is rejecting the email connections from the server for your emails as I do see emails generated and attempting to sit but are being held in the Queue due to Hotmail not ever accepting them.

Could you please test this by having the emails sent to a different address such as one that is not with Hotmail and confirm if those emails are being received?

so i did, I sent it to my Gmail account, the answer there is Gmail does receive the HTML email while nothing happens in my hotmail, but you can't see the RSS feed in Gmail either. so although this was a good discovery, because i figure hotmail blocks the email because of its content, it really left me nowherebecause all I wanted was to send out rss feeds to my email list which is predominantly a hotmial list.

I hope this helps somebody out in the future, or if anyone knows of a workaround or wants to disprove this you're more than welcome to.

again thanks for your time.
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Postby goldchain » 11:31am, Sat 28 Jul, 2007


I am your companion on this as well.

Currently having the same problems. But I know RSS works because I had it running once. Well, not as I wanted it to be but it worked somehow. But I didn't manage the newsletters to show the feed's images and special characters were always scrambled...

I remember it kind of helped when I purged and re-read all the RSS entries in the admin menu. To delete all Messages of the last 100 days you need to enter "-100" (with a minus) to get rid of them. RSS items should be 0. Then go to the list of lists and click "view items". Sometimes you are shown the old items that you just deleted before. Even Worse it could happen that you the RSS content doesn't mach the associated RSS feed. "show items" can present you with something like this:

Title: BLABLA-Title

The feed souce is from TATATA, but the saved RSS entries are from the BLABLA feed I had there before.


First I thought there is something wrong with my browser but then I went into myphpMyAdmin and there were the old RSS entries with the wrong feed address in "phplist_rssitem" which I deleted manually. So I guess phplist doesn't send RSS mails, because obviously doesn't delete the rss items properly thus "thinking" there is no RSS update to send to the subscribers, even if you purged and reloaded.

Sometimes it also helps to completely remove your test subscriber e-mail address, and add it again to the respective list.
Those two are not logical, but worth a try.

Remember to always "back date" the email scheduling, because after sending a message it will be set to the next day and if you try to send this mail again it won't send.

Sorry, this sounds all a bit vague and irrational, but as phplists obviously has some rss bugs, its more of a trial and error game here...

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Postby goldchain » 10:07pm, Sat 28 Jul, 2007

ok, I found a way to get phplist to send RSS mails - by trial and error.

This might work for anybody who first had RSS up and running, then started some tweeking and testing and then wasn't able to RSS again.

you might want to test your rss setup with a couple of e-mail addresses. first delete those addresses completely, not only from the respective list but via the "users" page.

then delete the list you want to test, and set it up again.

Then add your subscribers, don't forget to set their RSS frequency to "daily" or something.

Delete all your previous testing messages from the sent draft and queue and setup a new message. Doesn't matter if html or text or multipart. Of course there must be an [RSS] in the message body. Then set scheudling to something different from "none". Choose the list you want to send this message to and just press save, not send.

then re-read the RSS source via admin

you will probably not get any new messages, so now we go to phpMyAdmin and click on the phplist_rssitem table then choose "Select" (Anzeigen in German) and you get the table of all RSS items, delete them by "select all" and clicking the red cross.

Now reload the getrss page in phplist. You should get NEW RSS items.

Now send the mail queue.

Good luck.

This is without any obligation, be careful changing anything in phpMyAdmin

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Postby velanche » 4:24am, Wed 22 Aug, 2007

Hey Thomas:
Thanks so much for taking the time to do the trial, error and writeup. I've been trying to get the RSS stuff in place for some time in my spare time, and your post has aided me tremendously. It's really difficult to find good documentation on setting up RSS with PHPList, and that's a crime in of itself that it's not part of the official documentation.

Enough of my ranting. I was thinking of looking into having the messages sent as full text but then realize that part of what I'm trying to do is to get people to my site. I'll ponder that later.

Again, thanks so much!
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Postby THURO » 4:25pm, Thu 06 Mar, 2008

Alright, after almost a year i decided to give it another shot, this time i finally got it to work thanks to goldchain's post.

ok for all of you that can't set this up, here is the checklist.

(prior to this checklist your users MUST have their RSS Frequency set to daily, weekly or whatever.)

1- set the configure page to 1 on RSS
2- add the rss link to a list
3- make sure the feed validates
4- do the get RSS function from main page
5- can you view RSS from main page? make sure you can
6- insert [RSS] in your message content and or template
7- select a schedule for your message (this must match the RSS Frequency set per user. If you schedule the RSS message for daily distribution but your users have their RSS Frequency set to Weekly they will not receive the RSS.)

also just as a sidenote make sure your list is active, and RSS does not appear if you send a test message. Also this was tested with the most recent version of phplist I just downloaded it last night.

happy mailings, finally.

can someone make this a sticky?
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Postby scarecrow1 » 10:46pm, Wed 12 Mar, 2008

THANKS THURO ... NOTE for all people testing and trying to use RSS - turn your list that you are testing with onto ACTIVE.

That did it for me. When i test i normally use a list that in inactive ....

TURN YOUR LIST TO ACTIVE !!!!! and it works - have wasted a lot of time working through this - and elapsed time not offering the right service to my clients...
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Postby THURO » 6:39pm, Mon 17 Mar, 2008

No problem, glad to see it helped someone else out as this was quite frustrating for me haha.

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Postby Guest » 5:33pm, Tue 25 Nov, 2008

I did everything as suggested by goldchain and THURO and RSS does not work. I get the feed, I view the feed and it's visible within the specific list. I'm wondering about the filed in the table that says:
Processed 0
Text 0

I have a feeling that this is where something is wrong. Does anyone know if the admins are addressing this?

Postby Guest » 7:31pm, Wed 26 Nov, 2008

Voila! Eureka! It worked. I don't know how. It just decided, the time has come. :lol:


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