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Re: [mod] Quick Hack. Importing without file uploading

Postby pradnesh » 1:57pm, Wed 21 Oct, 2009

I'm using version 2.10.10 PhpList , i am trying to import 60000 mail user list, i couldn't (I was importing with the option "import emails with the same values for attributes"). i have done above steps as per you mentioned i am able to import 40000 mail user list but still i couldn't import 60000 mail list.
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Re: [mod] Quick Hack. Importing without file uploading

Postby kiax » 8:01pm, Fri 15 Jan, 2010

Hello i have the version 2.10.10 and when i copy the addres (arround 100) didnt give me an error, but when i go to users isnt there.

What is the problem?

(sorry for my bad english, but i speak spanish)

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Re: [mod] Quick Hack. Importing without file uploading

Postby KScott » 3:32pm, Fri 01 Oct, 2010

this has become a real issue for me as well, i just moved to phplist and thought it was great, now I can't import my list of over 100k emails.

Fatal Error: Something went wrong while uploading the file. Empty file received. Maybe the file is too big, or you have no permissions to read it.

i guess i'll make to make a script to manually import....
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Re: [mod] Quick Hack. Importing without file uploading

Postby Suzy1234 » 6:43pm, Mon 29 Nov, 2010

Warning: The temporary directory for uploading is not writable, so import will fail ()

I am desperate. I am not a developer so... trying to write a workaround is not much of an option.
I tried to follow the above steps on this thread - but I still can't import my list.

I installed a month ago - and I am really at the end of my rope. i need this to work. Does anyone have a solution?
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Re: [mod] Quick Hack. Importing without file uploading

Postby Cubski » 8:13pm, Sun 16 Jan, 2011

Hi All! I'm new to using PhpList and encountered some problems along the way, but I've managed to solve all of it with the help of this community. I've also encountered this error and resolved it so I want to share how I did it.

1) Go to File Manager of you domain where PHPList is installed. You could also use FTP clients such as http://filezilla-project.org/ to remotely do this.
2) Under "lists" folder, create a folder and name it "tmp".
3) Change the folder's access rights, and allow all permissions.
4) Open config.php file which can be found here: lists/config/. Look for "$tmp_dir" and change the default which is $tmp_dir='/tmp;' to the full path of newly created tmp folder.

To do that go to <yourdomain.com>/lists/admin/?page=info, look for DOCUMENT_ROOT, mine is "/var/www/vhosts/mydomain.com/httpdocs".

So, my tmp folder's full path is: /var/www/vhosts/mydomain.com/httpdocs/lists/tmp

I modified config.php, $tmp_dir='/tmp;' to $tmp_dir='/var/www/vhosts/mydomain.com/httpdocs/lists/tmp';

Don't forget to check all permissions and check the full path.

Test it. Works for me. :D

Kudos to H2B2 for this solution.
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Re: [mod] Quick Hack. Importing without file uploading

Postby droidSTAR » 8:24pm, Sat 08 Oct, 2011

hello manuel,
this is not working for me. after pasting into the textarea some 4000 lines, it shows
Reading emails from file ... ..ok, 4001 lines
in a new page and then nothing. the page was just doing nothing. i've waited sometimes and even checked database but nothing imported. can you please take a look
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