[mod] Mailqueue throttle with fractional values

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[mod] Mailqueue throttle with fractional values

Postby H2B2 » 6:59pm, Wed 19 Mar, 2008

If you are on a fast server and want to use mailqueue throttle values lower than 1 second, you could use jotazzu's mod for throttling with fractional values, e.g. 0.6 seconds.

I'll paste his post here, for your convenience:
jotazzu on Fri 16 Sep, 2005 wrote:Add to .../phpList/config/config.php:
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# Throttle sending messages; indicates the number of seconds to pause
# between each message (fractions are allowed, e.g. 0.3)

Add to .../phpList/admin/processqueue.php
Find the following at about line 420:
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$status = Sql_query("update {$tables['message']} set processed = processed +1 where id = $messageid");

Insert after this line:
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