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PostPosted: 6:21pm, Sat 05 Jul, 2008
by jsherk
I mean, is it a mod for phpList so you can view the bb database from the admin area of phpList, or is it just a seperate standalone program that queries the database all by itself and displays the results?

Either way, I'm interested... I'll send you a private message with my email address.


Header 'Connection' contains invalid values

PostPosted: 5:35pm, Sun 06 Jul, 2008
by dirtymustard
I'm going batty trying to get this going with PHPList. Have tried everything but I can find no mention of this error. My subscribe page blocks ME when I try to access. The message I am e-mailed indicates:
Bad Behaviour has blocked some spam from phpList.
Support key: 46e0-3ba4-a52f-0448
Error 400
for /lists/?p=subscribe&id=1
Explanation: An invalid request was received. This may be caused by a malfunctioning proxy server or browser privacy software. If you are using a proxy server, bypass the proxy server or contact your proxy server administrator.
Logged as: Header 'Connection' contains invalid values

I've disabled all anti-virus software and tried to no avail. Any suggestions?

PostPosted: 6:06pm, Sun 06 Jul, 2008
by jsherk
I would ask a friend to try and sign up from another computer, to make sure it 'mostly' working, and then I would also try contacting the Bad Behaviour author directly, since he can probably give you more specific info as to what exactly is happening.

His email:
bad.bots at

Personally I don't have a clue how it does what it does... I just know that it works!!

PostPosted: 2:25am, Mon 07 Jul, 2008
by Balitas
I do all the steps you mentioned, but my admin page not appear.

But if I erase your code in index.php and config.php my admin page appear with "- insert_head function not defined" message in the upside left corners.

Help please.

PostPosted: 3:26am, Mon 07 Jul, 2008
by jsherk
Let's be clear on what is not appearing... is it your administration page (list/admin) or is it your subscribe page (list/?p=subscribe)? Is it just completely blank, or is there anything at all displayed on it?

Most likely cause of problem is that you either didn't copy the code correctly (missed the last character when copying & pasting), and/or you put it into the wrong file, or into the wrong place in the right file.

STEP 1 - Remove all the mods from ALL the files, and restore ALL the original files.
STEP 2 - Start the mod again from scratch and see what the results are. Please check BOTH your admin page AND your subscribe page, and post back the results for each page.

Re: Header 'Connection' contains invalid values

PostPosted: 2:18pm, Mon 07 Jul, 2008
by error
dirtymustard wrote:I'm going batty trying to get this going with PHPList. Have tried everything but I can find no mention of this error. My subscribe page blocks ME when I try to access. The message I am e-mailed indicates:

I've disabled all anti-virus software and tried to no avail. Any suggestions?

Are you by chance using iPower as your web hosting provider? If so, they are the cause of the problem. They have been aware of the problem for at least two years but apparently have nobody on staff who is competent to fix it. You should strongly consider switching to a more competent web hosting provider.

P.S. I'm the author of Bad Behavior. :)

PostPosted: 2:26pm, Mon 07 Jul, 2008
by jsherk
Glad to have 'error' the bb author on the forum!!!


PostPosted: 2:39pm, Mon 07 Jul, 2008
by error
It looks like the mod posted by fränzchen would be sufficient to add database access, though it's not necessary to create the database table manually. Just call:

Code: Select all

In other ports I call this from an install function which runs only the first time the plugin is activated, though it is safe to run every time if necessary.

PostPosted: 2:59pm, Mon 07 Jul, 2008
by jsherk
I will test db creation and db writing out a little later this week, and put instructions together with these changes included... and hopefully the next release of phpList will have all the changes included!!

PostPosted: 3:48am, Tue 26 Aug, 2008
by kyleknapp
Hi Jeff,

I recently moved to a new webhost, and had to re-install PHPList. IMMEDIATELY I started getting bombarded with spam again (do I have a bullseye on my back?)

So I re-installed Bad Behavior. I'm pretty sure I did everything right, and went back over the instructions several times,

But now all my subscribe pages appear blank. (I noticed in your instructions that leaving off the final semicolon after "define('BB2_SEND_EMAIL',0)" can cause this, but I checked, and the semicolon's there.)

Any idea what might cause this?


PS. On my main Admin Page there's a debug message that says:
- insert_head function not defined

maybe it's related?

Same problem

PostPosted: 6:53am, Tue 26 Aug, 2008
by Guest
Hi, I have implemented BB2 today and now have exactly the same problem as Kyle.

I have turned on the BB2 debug and my subscribe page reads "bb2 enabled" in the top RH corner but the rest of the page is blank.

Any ideas?

PostPosted: 1:13pm, Tue 26 Aug, 2008
by jsherk
kyleknapp & JIK...

Sorry, but I have no suggestions for you. If you have double and triple checked that the mod has been added correctly, then I unfortunately cannot help.

If you read the mod code carefully, you will see that it is normal to see the "insert_head function not defined" message when you go to the phpList admin page.

The BB author mentioned in a post above about problems with iPower as a web host. It would be interesting to know exactly what the problem is, and find out if your web host has the same "problem" as iPower, which could be causing the problem.

If the BB author is monitoring this thread, maybe you could post more details about iPower so others can check if they have the same problem with their host.

PostPosted: 2:22pm, Tue 26 Aug, 2008
by kyleknapp
I suspect it may some kind of compatibility issue with the host. I'm hosted on

I've received 174 spam subscriptions in 12 hours, so I sure hope I can figure this out. I think I'll start a new thread here, and on the Bluehost forum.


PostPosted: 2:16pm, Wed 27 Aug, 2008
by jsherk
I received this reply from the author of BB regarding the iPower problem:

iPower has misconfigured HTTP accelerators which send to the origin server a bizarre header "Connection: keep-alive, close" and has been unable or unwilling to fix them. Obviously you can't both keep a connection open and close it. This has been a common misfeature of open proxy servers which spammers use, which is why it's blocked. As a result Bad Behavior will not work on this host, and I had to stop sending them sales referrals. To the best of my knowledge, iPower is the only web host with this particular problem.

If people with other hosts are having problems with Bad Behavior, then perhaps they should send me some information so I can look at it.

You can contact the author of BB directly at:

Hope this helps.

PostPosted: 7:15pm, Wed 27 Aug, 2008
by kyleknapp
I've partially resolved my Bluehost issue - doesn't appear to have been a Bluehost problem after all, but rather user error :oops:

However, some problems remain, which I believe may be the result of upgrading to a newer version of BB2 when I reinstalled.

See thread #52554