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Re: [add-on] Birthday Mailings

Postby duncanc » 6:53am, Mon 16 Jul, 2012

Just in case you have not yet found it, there is a plugin file earlier on the same page http://forums.phplist.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2789&start=45#p89973
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Re: [add-on] Birthday Mailings

Postby djsaturn » 10:38pm, Fri 28 Jun, 2013

This plugin was useful but found that you can only go so far with the days. I changed it up a little to make it work for me.

In main.php I added the following to the sql
Code: Select all

What this does is it selects the users bday replaces the birth year with 2013 then compares it between now and the number of days entered by the user. I also checked to make sure the user is confirmed and is not blacklisted. The original script hack does not check for confirmed or blacklisted.

The script is also defaulted to 7 even if you change the input.

One more thing I didn't want to change the script much so in the evalDate function I just returned 1. Since all the emails selected will be good to send out birthday email.

Hope this helps
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Re: [add-on] Birthday Mailings

Postby mani34 » 7:23am, Fri 27 Sep, 2013

birthday mailing is more imp if u forggoton any one bday mail will remind you
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Re: [add-on] Birthday Mailings

Postby deniselindow » 12:03am, Thu 17 Jul, 2014

Hi all, I upgraded to version 3 and the birthday plugin no longer works. It won't even stay activated in the plugin list. Any chance someone knows how to fix it? Thanks in advance.
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