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Re: [plugin] User Details

PostPosted: 11:16am, Tue 28 Aug, 2012
by duncanc
A new release of the plugin that includes French translation in UTF-8 format as well as the default ISO-8859-1. So, if you have modified the French language_info file to use UTF-8 then the plugin's captions should now be displayed correctly. This requires the latest (20120828) CommonPlugin to be installed.

Thanks to Julien Lusson for the translations.

See the first post of this topic for how to download and install.

Re: [plugin] User Details

PostPosted: 8:50am, Tue 16 Oct, 2012
by duncanc
A new release of the plugin with these changes:
  • the attribute form is displayed even when no user attributes have been defined, to allow filtering on unconfirmed and blacklisted status
  • the attribute form now displays a maximum of 15 attributes and truncates attribute names to 20 characters.
See the first post of this topic for how to download and install.

Tested in 2.11.5

PostPosted: 1:54pm, Mon 10 Dec, 2012
by solmar
Tested in 2.11.5 and works. Nice job!

The only problem with your useful plugins is that they remain in a separate menu, though they are more functional than the corresponding core pages.

- In UsersPlugin.php added the following to line 33, or the plugin wouldn't appear in Phplist:

public $enabled = 1;

- As reported in the Bounce Statistics plugin thread, also the menu item for Users does not have a label. It displays the second part of the link (main&pi=UsersPlugin)

Re: [plugin] User Details

PostPosted: 1:22pm, Thu 31 Jan, 2013
by Pewit
Is there a way to select which fields appear in the User Details report?

The fields selected don't include the First and Last Name in my installation on PHPList V 2.10.19 using the latest version of the Users Plugin V20121210

Ideally I would like to be able to include the name and also the date the last successful message was sent.

The fields available for selection are listed below:





Organisation Address




Business Phone

Home Phone

Mobile Phone

Other Email

Business Address

State or Province


Zip or Postal Code

Middle Name





Re: [plugin] User Details

PostPosted: 2:08pm, Thu 31 Jan, 2013
by duncanc
A maximum of 15 attributes are displayed, see the earlier post on 16 October.

The attribute form and result don't display well with large numbers of attributes, and long attribute names.

Re: [plugin] User Details

PostPosted: 4:26am, Fri 01 Feb, 2013
by Pewit
Is there a way to select which 15 attributes are displayed to select from?

I am missing some vital attributes (first name, last name) and don't need others.


Re: [plugin] User Details

PostPosted: 6:41am, Fri 01 Feb, 2013
by duncanc
On the configure attributes page change the order of your attributes (the order of listing field) so that those you want displayed are the first 15.

Re: [plugin] User Details

PostPosted: 5:09am, Sun 03 Feb, 2013
by Pewit
Thanks - that worked - after I found the Configure Attributes on the Main Menu and not on the Configure Menu.

Is it also possible to change the display on the History tab?

I would like to see the date they last received a message as well as the list it was sent to.

Re: [plugin] User Details - Change Export Delimiter

PostPosted: 1:19pm, Tue 05 Feb, 2013
by Pewit
I want to export a table that contains data with commas but PHPList doesn't properly put quotes around the content when it creates a CSV file during the export process.

A workaround is to change the delimiter to something else (e.g. tilde ~) which is not included in the text and thus the CSV file imports correctly.

I have changed this for the List>Export in PHP List in the Export function source code, however this doesn't seem to work for exports from the Users Plugin.

Where is the delimiter set for Users>History?

Re: [plugin] User Details

PostPosted: 4:10pm, Tue 05 Feb, 2013
by duncanc
Have you tried exporting from the plugin? It uses a different approach to core phplist and should handle your case.

SubscribersPlugin: Menu items are only visible to Super Admi

PostPosted: 8:06pm, Wed 26 Mar, 2014
by roball
I have successfully installed CommonPlugin and SubscribersPlugin v2014-03-11. Works great - thank you!

However, I have faced one problem: The new menu items (Advanced search, Subscriber history and Subscriptions under the "Subscribers" menu) are only visible to Super Admins. Normal Admins can still access the corresponding paths, but they don't see them in a menu. Is there a way to enable menu items for them?

Re: [plugin] User Details

PostPosted: 6:36am, Thu 27 Mar, 2014
by duncanc
phplist 3 doesn't allow ordinary admins to use plugins. It has been discussed briefly but I don't know whether anything is going to happen. You could raise an issue on Mantis,

But if the Subscribers plugin was made available to ordinary admins, the Subscriber History and Subscriptions may need to be restricted to super-admins because their results include all subscribers and therefore may not be appropriate to show to an ordinary admin.
I developed the plugin for phplist 2.10.x so the Advanced Search results do try to take account of those lists that an admin has access to, but that hasn't really been tested with phplist 3.

Re: [plugin] User Details

PostPosted: 2:24pm, Wed 23 Apr, 2014
by roball
Thank you for clarifying.

Meanwhile, I have updated phpList to 3.0.6, and normal admins can access the links via the "Plugins" group on the start page. I did not recognize if this also worked in 3.0.5.

So for me, this problem is solved :-) I have no problems when both Super Admins and Normal Admins can access the plugins functionalities, however it would be useful to specify which parts are accessible by normal admins.

A big security-related advantage has been implemented with the release of CommonPlugin v2014-04-18, that removed the links "View phpinfo" and "View config.php" away from the pages "Subscriptions", "Advanced search" and "Subscriber History" into own menu items of the "Config" menu. So Normal Admins no longer see a link to those pages, which should ideally only be accessible by Super Admins. However, the pages could still be accessed by Normal Admins by directly pasting the URLs into the browser's address bar. Is there no way to deny access for all users not being a Super Admin?