[plugin] Multi-list Subscribe: Add to other lists, also

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[plugin] Multi-list Subscribe: Add to other lists, also

Postby drmike » 8:05pm, Mon 10 Oct, 2011

This plugin enables automatically adding users to other lists, when they subscribe to a list.

To specify subscribing users to additional lists whenever they are added to a particular list, the list ID numbers (separated by commas) of the additional lists are entered in a field to the right of the ID number of the list in the admin page for this plugin.

An option is also provided to have these settings ignored when an administrator makes changes to the lists to which a user is subscribe via the "users" menu item in the admin screen. This allows an administrator to change list memberships in situations when a user may not be able to do so.

To install this plugin, put the code from the attached file (MultilistSubscribe_0.91.zip) in the phpList plugins directory and follow the instructions given in the header of the file multiListSubscribe.php to "hook" the plugin into the necessary spots in the phpList files. These instructions are repeated in a "diff" form in the file multi_list_subscribe/file_changes.txt, contained in the zipped plugin file.

(Note: A couple of changes were made to this plugin on 13 October 2011 to make corrections in comment areas. The version was changed to 0.91. There are, however, no differences in plugin operation as a result of these changes.)
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