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[plugin] User Subscriptions

PostPosted: 9:50am, Wed 04 Apr, 2012
by duncanc
This plugin shows the number of user subscriptions and unsubscriptions for each month.
It is based on the idea of the User Statistics By Month plugin, but has been redeveloped fixing some problems, including empty months and improving the chart.

See this topic for the plugin files that need to be downloaded and installation instructions

Developed with phplist version 2.10.18 and requires php version 5.1 or later.

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2012-12-10 - this plugin has been combined with the User History and User Details plugins into a single plugin, Users Plugin.

Re: [plugin] User Subscriptions

PostPosted: 9:04am, Wed 18 Jul, 2012
by duncanc
A new release of the plugin:
  • tidies-up the display of month labels on the chart - the first month, last month and each third month between
  • initially lists the previous 24 months instead of all months
  • fix for a reported problem when the 'entered' date in the user table has a value of 0 - these rows will be ignored

See the first post of this topic to download.

Re: [plugin] User Subscriptions

PostPosted: 11:20am, Tue 28 Aug, 2012
by duncanc
A new release of the plugin that includes French translation in UTF-8 format as well as the default ISO-8859-1. So, if you have modified the French language_info file to use UTF-8 then the plugin's captions should now be displayed correctly. This requires the latest (20120828) CommonPlugin to be installed.

Thanks to Julien Lusson for the translations.

See the first post of this topic for how to download and install.

Re: [plugin] User Subscriptions

PostPosted: 3:16pm, Thu 31 Jan, 2013
by duncanc
A new release of the plugin that fixes a problem with the download button introduced when I merged the three User plugins. The button always downloaded the user details, even when on the history tab or the subscriptions tab.

Re: [plugin] User Subscriptions

PostPosted: 7:11pm, Thu 14 Feb, 2013
by duncanc
A new release of the plugin. The chart is now limited to the displayed month range rather than all months, as a large number of bars does not display well.