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Auto Responder Idea

PostPosted: 12:45am, Tue 11 Sep, 2012
by jeffschips
Hello All,

I'm not a php coder nor mysql maven but I had an idea on how perhaps some of the gurus in this forum might construct an auto responder after a user has received and opened an email, which I don't think phplist has as a built-in function or plug-in.

What about using a second install of phplist with all the email addresses and which periodically does a lookup on the statistics to see who has or hasn't opened an email from the original sending install of phplist. If it finds someone has looked at an email, it then queues up the autoresponder email (message previously prepared and waiting to be dispatched) from the second install of phplist and dispatches it through a cron job?

I don't have the expertise to make this work but it's just an idea.

thanks for listening!