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PostPosted: 1:58pm, Sat 22 Dec, 2012
by hesapesa
I would like to contribute with a REST-based API to PHPList.
How do I best accomplish that task? Via Plugin or core-contribution? Or?
Any idéas?


PostPosted: 3:20pm, Sat 22 Dec, 2012
by duncanc
You will need to subscribe to the developer mailing list and explain your ideas there


PostPosted: 9:07pm, Fri 28 Dec, 2012
by hesapesa
A first draft of REST API to phpList as a plugin:


PostPosted: 10:35pm, Mon 07 Jan, 2013
by papaours
Thank god and all the saints !
You are my hero.
Could you do a php sample call to add users via that api users call you created

I love you man !


PostPosted: 3:35pm, Mon 25 Feb, 2013
by drobertson123
This would be a huge help. PHPList could really use this.

I have an ASP.NET MVC based web site with some advanced functionality, but I really like PHPList for the communications with my members. A solid API would allow these two systems to work together.

Two thumbs up for the work here.