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PBTS_XTRA - Multiple Content Areas in Template

PostPosted: 11:31pm, Wed 16 Oct, 2013
by danjfoley
the thread here is locked:


I need this.. multiple content areas.. so if no one out there is working on it, i'm going to download and make it work with the latest version of phplist. If there is a developer out there working on.. please let me know where the latest version of the code is and i'll finish it up.

OR if there something else out there that i am unaware of that gives multiple content areas let me know.

Re: PBTS_XTRA - Mulitple Content Areas in Template

PostPosted: 6:41am, Fri 18 Oct, 2013
by duncanc
The reason the topic was locked was that the original developer had stopped supporting the plugin and the a combination of the code and installation instructions meant that it was difficult to install and get working.

Earlier this year, as paid work, I was asked to get the plugin working. A few changes were needed along with some simple enhancements, and I was intending to make that generally available. I didn't get around to doing that but if you want a working version of the plugin for 2.10.x then I can provide that.

I also began redeveloping the plugin with the idea of adding new features, again for phplist 2.10.x. When phplist 3 was released I changed the plugin to work with the new plugin structure. The internal design is now entirely different and there is maybe 5-10% of the original code remaining.

Because of the effort spent working on the plugin I was considering charging for it, rather than making it freely available, but haven't yet make that decision. I have a demo system with the plugin installed if you want to look at it and try it out to see whether it will do what you want.

Re: PBTS_XTRA - Mulitple Content Areas in Template

PostPosted: 9:33am, Mon 21 Oct, 2013
by heckerfaz
Hi, so is there a new version of this plugin (compatible to phplist v3) available, or is development still in progress?

Re: PBTS_XTRA - Mulitple Content Areas in Template

PostPosted: 3:12pm, Mon 21 Oct, 2013
by duncanc
I redeveloped the 2.10.x version of the plugin in order to be able to add new features. When phplist 3 became available I created a version that uses the new plugin structure, and renamed the plugin to Multiple Content Areas plugin. Because of the amount of work involved I want to charge for the new plugin, so it will not be freely available.

I have a phplist 3.0.x test system that has the plugin installed and lets you compose and send test messages. If you are interesed in trying the plugin then contact me through a private message.

Re: PBTS_XTRA - Multiple Content Areas in Template

PostPosted: 9:14am, Sat 30 Nov, 2013
by gillesb
Any news on the plugin? I am interested in using it.