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[plugin] Manage Campaigns

PostPosted: 4:22pm, Sun 16 Feb, 2014
by duncanc
The plugin provides extra commands to handle campaigns, beyond those in core phplist.
  • copy a campaign to a new campaign
  • delete a campaign, regardless of its status
  • edit a campaign, regardless of its status
  • resend a campaign to specific subscribers
It also provides the core phplist functions of requeue and delete drafts.
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To install see the GitHub page

Re: [plugin] Manage Campaigns

PostPosted: 1:24pm, Mon 21 Apr, 2014
by renantea

I enabled this plugin and got a blank page...

What did i miss? :(

Re: [plugin] Manage Campaigns

PostPosted: 3:27pm, Mon 21 Apr, 2014
by duncanc
Which release of phplist are you using, and how did you install the plugin, manually or through phplist?

In your plugins directory, there should be:
- the file CampaignsPlugin.php
- the directory CampaignsPlugin

If the directory is not present then you will need to install the plugin manually.

Re: [plugin] Manage Campaigns

PostPosted: 9:17am, Wed 23 Apr, 2014
by renantea
Hi Duncanc,

Thanks for the response. I have installed the plugin manually and I'm using PHPlist version 3.0.5.

I've installed other plugins and they are working fine.


Re: [plugin] Manage Campaigns

PostPosted: 9:36am, Wed 23 Apr, 2014
by renantea
Hi Duncanc,

I managed to get it working! :D :D :D

What I needed was to remove "/" from the config file.

From this,
Code: Select all

To this,
Code: Select all

I bumped into this thread and gave it a try. And it worked! Thanks for your feedback.. :D :D

Re: [plugin] Manage Campaigns

PostPosted: 3:17pm, Thu 01 May, 2014
by inoshi
Seems to work fine on initial use in 3.0.5. Thanks Duncan!

Re: [plugin] Manage Campaigns

PostPosted: 7:16pm, Thu 08 May, 2014
by adoni
I uploaded common and the campaign plug in files

didn't upload changelog

in admin i view campaigns and there's no extra button to select to delete an old campaign

so the plugins aren't being seen

when I went to plug ins it said plugin directory not write enabled

I clicked the box to erase the message so now plugins is just blank

so I have commons and campaign uploaded into the admin/plugins directory

yet there's no way to do what the plugin does

manage campaigns so I can delete an old campaign

so plugins is now blank

the campaigns screen is identical to a normal install

no changes


Re: [plugin] Manage Campaigns

PostPosted: 7:20pm, Thu 08 May, 2014
by duncanc
The plugin adds a menu item "Manage campaigns" under the Campaigns menu.
If that is not present then you have not installed the plugin correctly.

Re: [plugin] Manage Campaigns

PostPosted: 7:30pm, Thu 08 May, 2014
by adoni
I don't see the extra option

So the plugin scripts didn't upload right?

I extracted the plugins no problem

transferred the folder with the config file

I used the same 'automatic' selection on my ftp program I did for PHPlist

any ideas what went wrong

or should I just upload again both directories and config files?



I uploaded both scripts again


same thing

no extra manage campaigns in campaigns tab

Re: [plugin] Manage Campaigns

PostPosted: 7:27am, Fri 09 May, 2014
by duncanc
Have you enabled the two plugins on the Plugins page?

Re: [plugin] Manage Campaigns

PostPosted: 3:08pm, Fri 09 May, 2014
by adoni
Plugins page is blank

It had a message

Plugins directory not write enabled

Is that the problem?

Re: [plugin] Manage Campaigns

PostPosted: 3:15pm, Fri 09 May, 2014
by duncanc
Please read and follow the installation instructions, and see your config.php file for the plugin directory.

Re: [plugin] Manage Campaigns

PostPosted: 2:17am, Sat 10 May, 2014
by adoni
that's the problem

I'm using only the short config

So I got to upload the expanded on


Re: [plugin] Manage Campaigns

PostPosted: 8:00am, Sat 10 May, 2014
by Dragonrider

Re: [plugin] Manage Campaigns

PostPosted: 8:52pm, Mon 14 Jul, 2014
by DGorman
I'm just getting everything up and running (306) and after sending a campaign the other day I deleted it from the list in error. Today the list shows 0 messages sent or bounces recorded.

Question: Does deleting a campaign using this plugin also delete the message count, or is my brain fried and I just thought I sent it!