Feedback loop (spam) Plugin for V3

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Feedback loop (spam) Plugin for V3

Postby aspersica » 8:31pm, Thu 20 Feb, 2014

Hi everybody,

I was thinking of writing a Feedback loop plugin for V3. I was wondering if anybody else needs that as well. Then we can team up and write it together.

Even if you don't have time to help with writing it you can still help with refining the requirements and make sure what I write is useful for you as well.

Please reply with possible use cases you can see for this, and tips and tricks about writing plugins (it will be my first plugin for phplist) etc.

So far I know how theYahoo feedback loop works. If there are more feedback loops out there let me know.
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Re: Feedback loop (spam) Plugin for V3

Postby duncanc » 5:36pm, Tue 25 Feb, 2014

This sounds like it might be a useful addition. It looks like there is a standard format for abuse reports Abuse Reporting Format (ARF), so handling reports should be independent of the mail provider.

The plugin interface to phplist is pretty straightforward. You will need to create a class that defines the plugin to phplist, and adds one or more pages to the menus.
A plugin can also hook into phplist but I don't think that you will need to do that.

In the plugin class you can specify any configuration data that you would want an admin to provide, say the action to take when an ARF is received - delete the subscriber, mark unconfimred, or mark blacklisted. That will then appear on the Settings page.

Also you can specify any new tables that are needed, maybe to hold the ARFs to allow an admin to browse through them.

You will then need to develop the pages that you want the plugin to provide:
a page to list the ARFs that have been received
a page to display one ARF and let the admin decide what to do with the subscriber

The retrieving of ARFs from a mailbox, I assume that is how it works, can be done interactively. As an enhancement that could also be done by a command line page, so that it can be run by a cron job.
The phplist processing of bounces provides an example of how to fetch emails from a mailbox. I've had a look for a package that will parse a MIME formatted email and am a bit surprised to find that php doesn't have one. So you might have to hunt around for some code that can do that.

As an example of a plugin class see my Attachment plugin, specifically the file AttachmentPlugin.php. That plugin provides a single page that is in the file AttachmentPlugin/main.php.

An example of a plugin that has configuration settings and creates its own database tables is RSS manager
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Re: Feedback loop (spam) Plugin for V3

Postby paradox34690 » 12:53pm, Fri 01 Aug, 2014

Hi, I was hoping to find some sort of spam feedback for my phplist installation and was pointed this was. Did this ever happen to come to fruition?

The company I work for was using Constant Contact for a little bit, but has decided to move away from their services and take on our newsletter mailings directly. One of the processes we are looking to find is a way to have phplist automatically unsubscribe users who mark our mailings as spam. The owner of the company I work for is concerned about spam laws, etc, and really is just looking for a sure-fire way to make sure we don't message people who aren't interested in our mailings.

Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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