[plugin:] The Inline Image Plugin

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[plugin:] The Inline Image Plugin

Postby arnoldvl » 3:58pm, Tue 01 Apr, 2014

This plugin allows embed images in the content of messages as inline attachments. The total size together of all such attached images in a message is limited to 100 kB. See http://resources.phplist.com/plugins/inlineimage .
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Re: [plugin:] The Inline Image Plugin

Postby filed » 1:46am, Wed 17 Sep, 2014

Hello Arnold

I like your plugin. Thank you for tweaking it out. The plugin as such is working fine, although there is a problem with hosting providers where the PHP function file_get_contents() is disabled or not allowed to gather file data via HTTP.

In such a case, the temporary or cached files in /admin/plugins/inlineImagePlugin/images will be empty, and thus the attached inline images do not have any mime-data representing the image data (they are therefore also empty in phpList mail messages).

A possible solution would be to inlcude an additional private function within the class inlineImagePlugin to do socket requests at those two lines of code in your plugin, where the class is gathering the image file data.

You could use this function for example:
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   private function file_getContents($url) {
       $parsedurl = @parse_url($url);
      if (empty($parsedurl['host']))
         return null;
      $host = $parsedurl['host'];
      if (empty($parsedurl['path']))
         $documentpath = '/';
         $documentpath = $parsedurl['path'];
      if (!empty($parsedurl['query']))
         $documentpath .= $parsedurl['query'];
      if (!empty($parsedurl['port']))
         $port = $parsedurl['port'];
         $port = 80;
      $fp = fsockopen ($host, $port, $errno, $errstr, 30);
      if (!$fp)
         return null;
      fputs ($fp, "GET {$documentpath} HTTP/1.0\r\nHost: {$host}\r\n\r\n");
      do {
         $line = chop(fgets($fp));
      } while (!empty($line) and !feof($fp));
      $result = Array();
      while (!feof($fp)) {
         $result[] = fgets($fp);
      return $result;

Source: http://www.klamm.de/forum/f64/php-webse ... 16149.html

And replace "file_get_contents" with "$this->file_getContents" here
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            if (!$str = file_get_contents($src))

and here:
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          $fcontents = file_get_contents($src);

Kind regards from Switzerland
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