Plugin problem Manage Campaigns

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Plugin problem Manage Campaigns

Postby adoni » 6:34pm, Thu 08 May, 2014

I uploaded the two plugins to do the Manage Campaigns so I can delete old campaigns

But the button to select a campaign to maange like delete is not there

I downloaded by zip

Uploaded to plugins

I did not upload changelog file

Just the main plub in files

If I go to plugins on the management admin area

It says not write enabled

So nothing shows in plugins

Yet shouldn't this have changed the main script to add the things need to 'delete' old campaigns?

By not uploading changelog would the plugin not work?

Any help

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Re: Plugin problem Manage Campaigns

Postby duncanc » 7:04pm, Thu 08 May, 2014

Please post questions on the original topic for the plugin
Also, add a screenshot to help explain what is happening.
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