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Wordpress subscription plugins

Postby duncanc » 10:07am, Sun 15 Jun, 2014

These existing but old and unsupported Wordpress plugins work reasonably well with phplist. Each provides a widget that displays a subscription form. On submitting the form, the subscriber remains on the Wordpress page and is not transferred to phplist.

I have made small enhancements to each. To see them in use visit http://www.dcameron.me.uk/.

I haven't revised any of the documentation but in brief the installation steps are:
  • install as a normal Wordpress plugin,
  • go to the Settings page and enter details of your phplist subscription page, and the text for preamble and acknowledgement
  • add the widget to a sidebar on Appearance > Widgets.
The form requests only the email field.
Enhanced to provide preamble text

The form requests the email field and up to two text user attributes.
Enhanced to provide preamble and acknowledgement texts, and a second text field.
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Re: Wordpress subscription plugins

Postby jaromy » 12:43am, Sun 08 Feb, 2015

Hi duncanc,

Thanks for posting your mods. I'm just seeing your thread for the first time now...

It sounds like you might be all set, but just wanted to alert you to a new plugin I created. It's similar to both yphplista and phplist-form-integration - it basically adds a sign-up form to your WordPress site. It also uses AJAX to avoid any page refreshes or redirects.

I wanted something super simple, easy, and bulletproof to set up. Seemed like the other plugins were finicky with getting the settings just right, or else you'd end up at the phpList subscribe page. Also, I wasn't sure if the code was even compatible with the most up-to-date versions of phpList and WordPress.

Anyway, the plugin is called Sign Me Up, and here's the link to it in the WordPress plugin repository:

Also, some more info about the plugin and instructions on how to setup & configure:

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