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Postby duncanc » 9:40am, Fri 03 Apr, 2015

phplist 2.x had user selection based on attribute values and it worked in the way that I think you want.
It constructed a query of users and attributes that was run as part of the user selection. The query is held in the userselection field of the message table.

process queue still includes processing of the userselection field although I think that it is "historic" as the recommended way to filter subscribers is how the Segment plugin works. The real benefit of the new method is allowing any number of plugins to affect who the campaign is sent to.

I have modified the Segment plugin to use the userselection field so that the set of subscribers who should receive the message is known at the beginning. At present I don't want to make this publicly available but you are welcome to try it. The processing works on my, admittedly small, test list of 2.
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Re: [plugin] Segment plugin

Postby mtasmithjk » 3:49pm, Fri 03 Apr, 2015

Hi Duncan, thanks for the reply and for the offer to provide the modification. I understand the value of wanting to allow multiple plugins to affect who the campaign is sent to, but I don't think I'm using another plugin in that way and we have not written any of our own. I think the only other one on the phpList Resources page that does that is the attribute select plugin, which I don't use since Segment provides the same, plus expanded functionality. Do you know of another one that affects who the campaign is sent to? I don't want to accidentally break another plugin's impact on a campaign.

As long as I wouldn't break some existing plugin functionality, then I would like to give your modification a try. Please PM me to let me know how I would take advantage of it.

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