PassFailPluin.php- exam PASS/FAIL addon

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PassFailPluin.php- exam PASS/FAIL addon

Postby sparxfly » 12:40am, Tue 17 Mar, 2015

I have knocked up an add-on to take a user attribute (eg an exam mark), compare it with a pass mark, and display the result via pass and fail strings.
Example template-
template.PNG (8.19 KiB) Viewed 1630 times

Example output-
output.PNG (7.75 KiB) Viewed 1630 times

The pass mark and strings are user configurable via the Config/Settings menu.
Zipfile is attached- just install the PassFailPlugin.php file in the Admin/Pluings folder and you are good to go!
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Re: PassFailPlugin.php- exam PASS/FAIL plugin

Postby sparxfly » 6:55am, Tue 17 Mar, 2015

Some extra bits i forgot to put in the first post....
Of course, the plugin needs to be enabled in the Config/Manage plugins menu.
Can also use it for comparisons other than marks.
eg comparing expiry dates against date() and flagging if membership is current or expired
eg comparing account balances against 0 and flagging in credit or debit
in fact any numeric over/under scenario
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