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Re: [mod] Customizing confirmation emails with custom attrib

Postby Dragonrider » 3:29pm, Tue 20 Sep, 2011

Craxx wrote:Why is that no STANDART in phplist, i can´t understand????

Personally, I do not like HTML emails when sent from a mailing list as I use a previewer on the spam emails I receive to check if they are wanted or pure unsolicted spam and HTML ones don't display.
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Re: [mod] Customizing confirmation emails with custom attrib

Postby hsodhi » 2:36am, Wed 22 Aug, 2012

Just added this mod by splowar to put Custom Attributes in Placeholders of System Generated Messages.

As of now,seems to be working in the Message CONTENT but not in the Message SUBJECT .. anyways, thanks for a great mod !!

I am on php 2.10.17 , for anyone's info...

Since E-mail Subject is what everyone sees to decide whether to open / delete, it'd be great if a Mod is made to accept Custom Attributes in the SUBJECT of the System Generated Mail as well ( IMHO, this is MORE useful than putting custom Placeholders in the Mail Content ... )

I am a "cut and paste PHP newbie " so if anyone could do this mod that 'd be simply great !!

Any suggestions / help ?


PS : BTW, I have used Mod as found on :


to create a personalized Subject for E-mail messages created by the ListAdmin.

But that does NOT work for System Generated Messages :-((
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