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progress on this?

PostPosted: 12:37pm, Sat 06 May, 2006
by dsd

What is the progress on this right now? I'd like to get an idea how far away from the desired amount the donation pledges are. What is the desired total pledge amount and what is the current status?

Thanks, Duncan

PS. I'm involved with an online business owners community that would be really interested in this feature. Currently their tool of choice would be SendStudio (at $229). If the desired total amount is reasonable, I'm pretty sure that I might be able to get a large number of small pledges to get this going.

Timed autoresponder

PostPosted: 3:09pm, Thu 25 May, 2006
by goose
I have add the timed autoresponder functionality to my install of phpList.

While creating a message you can specify the number of days you want the message to be sent after a user signs up to your list. So if a user signs up on Jan 1st and I have a message timed for 7 days the user recieves the message on Jan 8th. If another user signs up on May 1st he/she will recieve the same message on May 8th. You can set up any number of messages you want.

Please share your autoresponder code

PostPosted: 9:05pm, Fri 26 May, 2006
by sjordan
>> goose

Can you share your solution with the community?

Autoresponder Functionallity

PostPosted: 7:21pm, Thu 01 Jun, 2006
by goose
I am in the process of creating a log for the changes I made to phplist for the timed autoresponder.
I don't get much time so it may take a few more days.

I applied the fix to the 2.8.12 version. (The new send a message page in the updated version is annoying.Whoever changed this page should change it back.) Although the timed autoresponder should work in the new version.

If you are in desperate need for this functionality and can't wait maybe we can work someting out PM me.

PostPosted: 5:18am, Sun 04 Jun, 2006
by brandondrury
I don't mean to rush you in any way, but I was just checking on the progress of your work.

This mod is going to push phplist over the edge!

Thanks for you efforts!


Re: Autoresponder Functionallity

PostPosted: 5:35pm, Tue 25 Jul, 2006
by mrochte
goose wrote:I am in the process of creating a log for the changes I made to phplist for the timed autoresponder.
I don't get much time so it may take a few more days.

Hello Goose.

Checking in on your progress. What is your eta for the log. This is a very needed component of PHPList.


PostPosted: 8:10am, Sat 29 Jul, 2006
by Wizard
After some e-mailing and trying to get this mod working, I recieved some errors.
Aaron wrote me: "I have been busy as usual, and have not been able to add the mods to a fresh install of phplist. The modifications I made to my install include some other custom mods, and would not be beneficial to you."
So I guess we'll just have to wait some more :(...

PostPosted: 12:20am, Thu 10 Aug, 2006
by dhsg
I too am looking forward to this feature and I am willing to pay for it. Tincan, feel free to have a pro version - I would pay money. This feature is sorely needed in the marketing industry and there are no great and cost effective solutions out there! :)

PostPosted: 5:48pm, Thu 10 Aug, 2006
by Hernol
So, do it. You know the way...

PostPosted: 3:21pm, Thu 21 Sep, 2006
by goose
Hello everyone.

I must apolgize for the delay in the modification I promised. My hard drive crashed and I lost my data temporarily. I was able to recover all my data and I will create an install file in the near future. I expect to add all of my modifications today and start testing in the next few days.

Timed Autoresponder Test List

PostPosted: 3:20pm, Thu 28 Sep, 2006
by goose
I have added the autoresponder code to an install of the latest PHPList. Please signup or the test list so I can verify it works correctly. I entered two emails to be sent 2 days and 4 days after signup.
If you signup for the test list please let me know if you recieve the test emails.

Thank You all for your patience

PostPosted: 1:42pm, Fri 29 Sep, 2006
by serium

I received two similar emails after clicking the confirmation link.


Regarding the sequencial autoresponder Questions

PostPosted: 4:45pm, Fri 29 Sep, 2006
by phpnoone
Hi to All,
This being my very first post please excuse any ignorance of previous posts...Firstly thank you phplist for being totaly free "Applause" it seems that as users we have a responsibility to help in upgrades if not by being Genius Developers who actually understand what Coding is all about by being happy to contribute a donation...From what I have read so far all are willing so all we need is a coder to give us a price to add a sequencial autoresponder and set up a fund target figure the faster we reach the figure the sooner we get the responder each person can then donate whatever they feel it would be worth to them...Just an Idea

Hats off to coders anyway I think they are brill

Sorry Goose I put in my pennys worth before I realised

PostPosted: 5:07pm, Fri 29 Sep, 2006
by phpnoone
My apologies to goose it seems you have got ahead of the game here i posted before i got to page three I imedietly signed up for the test and will be delighted to contact you as the messages come in May I also offer to Place a link to a product of yours on my site by way of thanking you for all the work you are doing please send a link to me at and I wil be delighted to post it on my sites


PostPosted: 3:20pm, Mon 16 Oct, 2006
by goose
I have added the autoresponder code to the zip below. Click on the link below to download my modification. If you have any problems I will try to help. ...