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Re: [plugin] Email your messages to a phpBB forum

Postby Dr1337 » 11:09am, Mon 02 May, 2011

I would like to see a workaround for phpBB3 as well, if possible at all.
I believe if many people manifest themselves, there is a slightly greater hope for this to happen.

In fact, I signed up to the forums just to be able to write this. :)
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Re: [plugin] Email your messages to a phpBB forum

Postby Morrisonsfweb » 7:49am, Fri 18 Nov, 2011

I am just looking at using phpBB and was wondering if anyone had any more experience they could share with using either of these phpBB mods for post by email. I am trying to setup a set of corporate forums which can be used for having technical discussions. I really like the use of the forum for recording the conversation trail, but I suspect I will never get people to change the mindset of having these conversations by email. Having forums that can be posted to by email will be perfect.
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